Nicky Nahafahik (1980), self-taught. 


Visual artist with an (illegal) graffiti background. What started as an illegal, abstract letter graffiti expression in the 90’s, evolved into contemporary realistic works in public spaces, galleries and projects in Amsterdam, Berlin, Paris, Stockholm, Oslo and New York. 


A continues process  to find the perfect balance between realism and the abstract, inspired by flora and fauna.

Either in full colour, black-and-white or with gold, copper and metallics. It is mainly a focus on the esthetics of the subject, which is always portrayed in a majestic way.


In the graffiti scene, an artist with an esteemed reputation gains the title of “King”. With this in mind he started painting lions in a realistic way, as they are known as the King of the Jungle, later he also moved on to other animals. 


With regards to public spaces, Nicky operates both solo and in collaboration with (inter)national artists. The graffiti/street-art collective

TCK (The Combi Killers), of which Nicky is a member. In addition, Nicky is also a member of the international creative platform

Cookie Deaux® [contemporary culture of Art, Music & Sport]





2024: Groupshow "Urban WIldlife" at Art'otel Curated by Amsterdam Street Art, Amsterdam Holland.

2023: Mural curated by Colectivo Tomate and Dutch Embassy in Atempan Mexico. 

2023: Mural curated by StreetartBergen in Lofoten, Norway.

2023: Groupshow PopOn Paris Urban Culture. Paris France.

2023: Groupshow "Menyala", Drents Museum Assen, Holland.

2023: Groupshow "Hidden Gems" gallery Kamellebuttek, Esch0sur-Alzette Luxemburg.

2023: Groupshow gallery M.3. Oslo, Norway.

2022: Mural in Moxy Hotel curated bij Amsterdam Street Art, Paris France.

2022: Collaboration with BRGN, curated by StreetartBergen. Oslo, Norway.

2022: Collaboration with Mimaki Europe for Vespa 2022. Berlin Germany. 

2021: Groupshow MAHAI, curated by Awareness Moluccan Identity. Baarn, Holland.

2020: Painting for POWWOW / AlLL CAPS Rotterdam, Holland.

2019: Painted a silo (20 meters high) with Marcus Wedman for Kings of Colors, Den Bosch, Holland.

2019: Work included in the largest Street Art museum in the world, museum STRAAT, Amsterdam, Holland.

2019: Paint demo for Walls and Skin ft. Bavaria. 300 years Bavaria Lieshout, Holland.

2019: Paint demo for Walls and Skin ft. Bavaria. During international tattoo convention Lyon, France.

2019: Solo exhibition "Beauty in chaos", Hoogeveen, Holland.

2018: Groupshow Wallery Gallery in Stockholm, Sweden. 

2018: Solo exhibition "Majestic" ft. Poet Jones, Hoogeveen, Holland.

2018: Solo exhibition "Majestic" ft. Poet Jones, edition Amsterdam, Holland.

2018: Book "Majestic, selected artworks" (216 pages, hardcover) published with a feat. Poet Jones.

2017: Groupshow largest Street Art exhibition in Scandinavia. Curated by Wallery Gallery. Stockholm, Sweden.

2017: Groupshow ASA (Amsterdam Street Art), curated by GoGallery, Prinsengracht Amsterdam, Holland.

2016: Nominated for the “Drentse” Arts & Culture Award, Assen, Holland.

2016: Nominated for the first Dutch Street Art Awards, Amsterdam, Holland.

2014: Two murals included in the international street art book “Concrete Canvas”, published by Lee Bofkin in London, England.

2014: Groupshow pop-up gallery Green Label (Mountain Dew) in New York, USA.